Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer's End

Yesterday felt like the last day of the school summer break. On one hand you feel excited. You pick out what you'll wear the next day and make sure that everything is ready. On the other hand, something gnaws at you. You worry unnecessarily and can't sleep as soundly.

And then today comes. The day you've been expecting. The same one you've been dreading. After all, what happens today can make or break you. You walk through the door, and you're finally in. Yet as the day advances, you realize you've never felt more out.

After a while, I decided to take a short break to escape the cold in the office. I stepped out of the building, and decided to draft this entry out here in the sun. Sweating in this suit. Trying to catch even just the tail end of the summer that I now so desperately miss.

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rudeboy said...

The summer knows/ The summer's wise
She sees the doubt/ Within your eyes
And so she takes/ Her summer time
Tells the moon to wait/ And the sun to linger
Twists the world/ Round her summer finger
Lets you see/ The wonder of it all

And if you learned/ Your lesson well
There's little more/ For her to tell
One last caress/ It's time to dress
For Fall

lonewolf said...

good luck sa new job and i hope youll be happy sa new job and new environment

god bless sean!!

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Have fun... Summer is gone here too... we are approaching autumn and soon winter. The work? The set-up? you'll get use to it. find something fun in between task like writing poems like this...

God bless!


Sean said...

@rudeboy: that's a great song! and so fitting for what i feel right now. i've never heard of it before, so thanks rudie for introducing it to me. barbra or laura? :)

@lonewolf: thanks papa milch for the positive words. :)

@jj roa rodriguez: thanks for the tip jj. yeah i should give myself time to adjust and engaging in fun things will also help. :)

Spiral Prince said...

There's this magic about transition that is just tricky to capture with words, kuya sean, no? :)

the green breaker said...

That feeling -- like everyone else is looking at you. Good luck kuya. :)

bien said...

So Sean, what would you rather have? First Day or Monday blues?

rudeboy said...

@ Sean : It's one of my all-time favorites, and seemed perfect for this post. Glad you liked it enough to Google it, apparently.

Laura Fygi, of course ; no offense to Babs, but I find Fygi's voice more...haunting. Babs just seems to be showing off all the time to me, voice like buttah or not.

And Michel Legrand is underrated ;)

Mugen said...

The difference between the first day of school and first day of job is that with school, you most likely know the people around you. While at work, you know, that your first day might also be the last.

Godspeed Sean! :)

citybuoy said...

To sweet beginnings and bitter endings. In coffee city, we borrowed heaven.

Kiks said...

it never fails to amaze me how some people's lives are lead in the enigmatic play of words...

-=K=- said...

Goodluck on your first day of work, Seannie! Rock it real good! :)

Zai said...

I hate first days, I always feel nauseous, like I'm going to throw up anytime. I hope you do much better at first times though..I know you will! Good luck Sean!

Blakrabit said...

Nice! Hope you have a good one! So far, my first days were spent doing nothing. (:

Sean said...

@spiral prince: yeah there is. then there are people like michel legrand (rudie's song above) who are able to capture it perfectly. :)

@the green breaker: exactly, gb! thank you :)

@bien: i'll tell you again on Monday :)

@rudeboy: i'm not surprised. it really is a good song. i too find laura's version more haunting, and it's now in my ipod playlist :) gotta find more of his songs!

@mugen: yeah, i felt lonely my first week. and good thing i've lasted that long. thanks mugs! :)

@citybuoy: i realized i've missed out on a lot of good songs. they don't play good english songs on the radio here. love this as well and it's now part of my playlist :)

@kiks: aww, thanks kiks. :)

@k: thanks a lot, k! :)

@zai: hey i'm just like you. i've been taking the local version of kremil-s haha! thanks zai :)

@blakrabit: thanks blak! mine was uneventful as well :)

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