Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Peter Holds On To His Tights

All of us were children once. We had toys - I still remember my favorite one. And we had our own little worlds. From a hidden one lit by a penlight under a blanket sky. To our dreams of never never land where children can fly and never grow up. But we did grow up. The toys disappeared. The blankets were washed. The penlight batteries ran out. And our young dreams were stripped of their innocence.

Slowly we became conscious of grown up things. Money. Career. Time. Responsibility. The same things that allow us to enjoy our grown up toys, live comfortably in this grown up world, and fulfill our grown up dreams. Toy, world, dream - blogging is all these to me, but now life is getting in the way. And the more I try to grow up, I find it all the more difficult not to let it go.

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Grey said...

I still have a stash of fairydust here. :P

Ms. Chuniverse said...

May tights o wala.


Sinasamba ko sha.


lonewolf said...

masarap maging bata ulit no wonder peter pan never wants to grow up

Kiks said...

well, if Peter Pan is growing up to be that Peter Le, I am definitely wanting to grow up and never wanting to let go.

Kaso... like you, we have to have a life. And we let go of certain things we can never put our hands on.

Sean said...

@grey: hi grey. lol! pahingi! :)

@ms. chuniverse: hahaha. samba as in luhod. :) I miss reading your blog ms. chuni. hanggang backread na lang ako recently.

@lonewolf: hay totoo yan papa milch. kaninong bata na nga ulit? lol! :)

@kiks: hahaha! definitely! :) and yeah, that's true kiks...

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