Monday, May 16, 2011

Take Two

A female friend called. I expected another drawn out discussion on her turbulent lovelife and decided to blog while she spoke. My fingers worked the keyboard, as I recalled the content of an unposted blog entry. Words quickly filled the screen, forming a hastily typed up replica of its original, still lost in the bowels of Blogger's repository.

I scanned the reconstructed post. It resembled the previous entry closely enough, but I couldn't commit to publishing it. Maybe I saw it as a poor copy of the original. Or the sentimental side of me stubbornly thought that nothing would ever compare with the first.

Perhaps not everything deserves a second chance. Its moment has passed, emotions have dissipated. It read familiar yet fell short, and with a click of a mouse, I dumped the entry in the bin. As I started afresh, I began dispensing over the phone relationship advice on how my friend can move on from her first.

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Juan der Last said...

In my case, more often than not, second chances turn out to be mistakes. Because there's a reason why there's a need for second chances: something went wrong the first time.

And, as in a lot of things in life, chances are, that thing that went wrong, it will go wrong again.

orally said...

Oh I believe in 2nd chances. I just got one myself recently...

I could just imagine your frustration trying to reconstruct and tweak that entry. Too bad that blogger glitch denied us the pleasure of reading it.

Kane said...

Hi Sean. I have often wondered about the process of rewriting something you have already written.

Whether it can ever be as good as the original, or even better. But when you think about it, authors really do rewrite their works.

A LOT. The editing process can be quite relentless and sometimes the final version of a story or a book barely resembles the original.

It really is a difficult call, and I guess one that is most personal.

Cheers =)

lonewolf said...

2nd chances doesnt work for everyone

Anonymous said...

i also believe in second chances...
but that's enough!

emmanuelmateo said...

i believe on second chances din kuya.
btw musta na po sir?
i missed yu hehe

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

if this is about second chances,, i believe in second chances. (parang movie lang nu bea noh?) hehehe,, kasi i think, it's the best time to evaluate what has been done so that it can create something more to what can be expected..

Blakrabit said...

Firsts are always special.

I guess when you write something out of an emotion, it's best to finish it right there and then. When the emotion have passed, continuing it will only result in something half baked.

On second chances, it really depends on the cause of the breakup. If it was a case of wrong-place-wrong-time-wrong-situation, I guess it could work again. But if it was a case of wrong-person, nobody really changes who they are.

green breaker said...

I can definitely relate on this, not that Blogger has deleted one of my posts in its infamous downtime last week.

Just to share (to make my sentiments concrete lol), back in third year college I started writing a political book and when I reached the third chapter, I suddenly had the urge to do a Prologue.

I was on the bus while concocting the paragraphs: together with the dizzy feeling -- but the spirit of writing won't just wane and it keeps on driving me to write more colorful and meaningful and better sentences.

I reached home, and I wasn't able to eat dinner and breakfast the next day. The paper I was carrying with me was gone, never to be found again.

Trying to imitate the emotions, the intellect that sprung, I too produced a mediocre copycat. And it sucks, that even if you try to grope around, it will still be incomparable to what you once had written.

Anonymous said...

I believe in second chances :)

but again, madami dapat iconsider.

Though, I usually set my recycle bin to auto delete after some days to practice firm decision making. :)

Anonymous said...

hala chong pwede ka na palang maging Love Dj.. o di kaya sipain mo na palabas si papa jack.. hehehe

Sean said...

@juan der last: for me it depends on what mistakes are made. in my friend's case, it was physical abuse, which to me should not be tolerated. thanks juan :)

@orally: glad to hear you got that 2nd chance. haha yeah, trying to reconstruct it was truly frustrating.

@kane: hi kane. i agree that the editing process can improve an author's work, particularly for its target audience. I do edit here and there, but maybe I'm mainly a shoot from the hip diary kind of person. ako na si anne frank. jk! :)

@lonewolf: i guess depende sa tao, sitwasyon, pagkakamali

@kyle: good! sabi nga nila pag masyado nang marami, di na second chance ang tawag dun.

@emmanuelmateo: good for you emman. i'm ok thanks. musta na? amishu too ading. :)

@ceiboh: hahaha oo nga parang movie nga niya. that's true. I'm all for second chances except for a few things that i find absolute, like pananakit for example.

@blakrabit: hi br. i agree, i think i write emotionally kaya pag ganun parang nawala na. i agree with what you said. i couldn't have written it any better.

@green breaker: oh dear. mas mahirap pa pala yung nangyari sa iyo kasi it was the prologue to your paper, which i would think is longer and heavier in content as compared with my useless posts :)

@mr. chan: i agree. marami ngang dapat i-consider. hmmm, magaya nga yang style mo kasi madali akong magbago ng isip.

@kikomaxxx: hahaha oo nga. tabi diyan papa jack!

Kiks said...

i hate saying this, Sean, but i love the way you wrote this post.

i do. as in. (but not as much as my fascination with wallace. CHOS!)

Sean said...

@kiks: thank you sis. siyempre wallace's stick comes first haha!

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