Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Got Mooned

The Mid-Autumn festivities exploded over the long weekend. There were bright lanterns everywhere. Restaurants were full. Shops quickly ran out of fruit baskets. And people were in a celebratory mood.

Since the holiday is also known as the Mooncake Festival, countless boxes of this pastry were going around. It's one of the few Chinese sweets that I enjoy, and I was over the moon when a friend brought me special ones from a recent trip.

Let me share a few of these with you, albeit online. Cheeky, yet fitting, delicacies for the Moon Festival.

photos from and the G.O.D. lifestyle store


rudeboy said...


When did mooncakes get so clever?

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

this is my 5th year to celebrate moon cake festival but i haven't seen those kind of mooncakes... cute! LOL!


Juan der Last said...

It won't be long before they make gay-themed naughty mooncakes, I think. Hehehe.

jetlander said...

sana ang apat na natanggap ko ganyang istilo,didila dilaan ko yan hihihi

Spiral Prince said...

I want mine with a beauty mark. Chos. :)

bien said...

Quick, take a bite before the moon disappears completely

Leo said...

hahaha! oh gosh, it's so cute!! :)

lonewolf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kiks said...

So this is what they meant by having both sides of the moon. Pahinge?

Spank them cheeks, Sean. LOL

citybuoy said...

Clever haha looks like somebody took "moon" literally

jelai said...

wow!hehehe.. looks interesting and delicious. i always wanted to eat somebody's ass!hahaha. JK! :)

Sean said...

@rudeboy: i know! lol!

@jj roa rodriguez: i haven't either, and i live in the land where the mooncake was created.

@juan der last: hahaha! i think so too.

@jetlander: lol! baka biglang umungol yung mooncake hehe.

@spiral prince: buhay na nunal na may tumutubong hair lol! :)

@bien: oo nga haha!

@leo: cuto no? ayaw ko ngang kainin eh :)

@kiks: kagat na kiks. spanking ooooh! lol!

@citybuoy: hahaha! i wonder what their brownies look like? lol!

@jelai: lol! baka masanay siya hehe.

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