Sunday, September 11, 2011

Panda Invasion

I think they're called pandas, the eastern equivalent of bears. In a place that is overrun with either twinks or mid-age men who dress and look way beyond their years, they are an interesting sight. Beefy in their tight Abercrombie tees, they are about as cute and cuddly as, well, pandas.

I don't know where they're from. My guess is Taiwan. They speak the same language, but their accent and the way they carry themselves are both different. I have never seen so many of them together in one place. If this is an invasion, let me be the first to be tied up and taken away.

I tease my hubby. He's actually the one who's into them. Frustrated that I can't bulk up enough to meet his standards. Kidding. A number of them look our way. Good thing I am wearing a tight Hollister shirt. Fake nga lang, but it will do. I inhale deeply to add bulk to my torso and smile.

The hubby looks at me, playfully pokes my side, and laughs. Unable to control my giggling, I immediately start to deflate, as I watch the pack of pandas pass me by.

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JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

nice humor... love this post...


imsonotconio said...

i love them hihihihi

bien said...

malapit na, malapit nakong maging panda lolssss

rudeboy said...


I actually like pandas, both human and ursine.

Then again, I'm an omnivore.


Blakrabit said...

OMG! Sometimes I think I have an affinity to stocky guys! But they're all good. Soft and cuddly and huggable.

Oh, what's with the dogs?

Seth said...

madudurog ako ng mga ito. char!

Désolé Boy said...

Not into them, lol. But I'm very much into daddies.
I know I'm a masochist and all but I still find them scary ;D

the green breaker said...

scary din sila for me! siguro because I haven't developed my built that much kaya nakakatakot tumabi sa kanila. hahaha!

egG. said...

kaloka.. kakalalaki ng mga katawan.... mas ok pa nga yung parang mga twink lang... waley lang.... :)

Juan der Last said...

Panda pala ang tawag diyan. Hmm. Hahaha.

Leo said...

let's help conserving pandas. konti na lang sila sa China. haha. choz.

-=K=- said...

I'm scareeeeed! Ayoko ng ganyan ka-beeffffyyyy! Scaryyyy! Hahahahaha!

Sean said...

@jj roa rodriguez: thanks jj. i hope you had a good weekend.

@imsonotconio: they are cute aren't they? :)

@bien: hahaha! ako panda cub na ata or more pa :)

@rudeboy: pandamonium indeed! then you can have basically anything. or anyone. lol!

@blakrabit: i know right? those must be their bitches.

@seth: hahaha oo nga! :)

@desole boy: oh i love daddies too. i have so much love to give. jk! i guess even cute panda bears bite. :)

@the green breaker: pag tumabi ka baka magmukha kang bamboo. :)

@egg: hahaha twink pala ang hilig mo eg!

@juan der last: hahaha oo nga ata. mabigat na panda-gan.

@leo: lol! magbo-volunteer akong tulungan silang magparami. juk!

@k: hahaha oo nga! baka mabali ka k! :)

Mugen said...

I prefer the ursine ones. Lolz. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

dahil sa laki ng katawan kaya natawag na pandas ganun ba?? haha LOl


Kiks said...

i am a panda lover - i guess that's why i am in HK? and in Japan? ;-)

Po rules!

Kiks said...

i am a panda lover - i guess that's why i am in HK? and in Japan? ;-)

Po rules!

tim said...

Pandas are adorable! So are these men.. Cute cute!

ZaiZai said...

cute nga sila pero medyo takot ako, parang upuan lang nila ko di nako makakalaban e :/

Sean said...

@mugen: hehe mas cute and cuddly ba? :)

@t.r. aurelius: uu parang ganun :)

@kiks: haha buti pala anjan ka. and sa pure fitness marami siguro lol! yes, po rules!!! :)

@tim: they're cute right? haha!

@zaizai: hahaha oo nga! kahit na matangkad ka pa zai. :)

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