Friday, May 6, 2011

Ships In The Night

He looked out the window, at the strip of silver which cut through the city and snaked out to the sea. The sky's reflection in the water was only broken by the floating patches of green and the froth trailing a ferry headed upriver.

It's beautiful when the water mirrors the sun at this hour, I thought to myself. I finished my drink, walked to the kitchen and threw the bottle in the bin. I tied the mouth of the plastic bag and carried the load out to the garbage chute.

He pulled the metal handle and shoved the trash bag down the chute. He waited until the sounds of its passage through the building's pipes stopped before heading back to the unit.

I locked the door behind me and went to the bedroom. I tried to catch up on my reading but could not concentrate.  I slid the window open and lit a cigarette. Staring at the skyline, I wondered if he was out there at all.

He stayed in the dark, watching.  One by one, the lights went up in the buildings across the river. Where are you, he mouthed silently. Our paths should have crossed by now. Feeling defeated, he went to the bathroom to get ready.

I buttoned my shirt, while waiting for the elevator. I need to get out of here, I thought to myself, as my neighbor started belting out Manilow's "Ships". "We're still here. It's just that we're out of sight. Like those ships that pass in the night..."

He pressed on the elevator button impatiently and hurriedly entered the cabin when the doors finally opened. He jumped after belatedly noticing the other passenger but quickly recovered and muttered a greeting. "Uhm, hello."

"Hello," I replied to the stranger. We secretly stared at each other's reflection in the polished metal doors, as a cold feminine voice called out each parallell universe bridged by this vertical path.  






"Sean." Names blurted at the same time.


photo credit: flickr - job sun


~Carrie~ said...

ang cute ng nasa picture.

Viktor Saudad said...

elevators, somehow it's a turn on.

the geek said...


Nimmy said...

We secretly stared at each other's reflection in the polished metal doors

ang hot namin nito ading. hihi

nOx said...

andami mo namang past kuya. hindi naman sa naiinggit ako, pero naiinggit ako. hahahaha!

nyabach0i said...

yung nasa picture ba ay kilala mo talaga? if yes, nuknukan siya kamo ng gwapo! tanong mo kung gusto niya magdonate ng punla. hahahaha.

ZaiZai said...

ang sexy naman ng eksena :) nice post! :)

Louie said...

This one's a very sexy entry. :)

May fascination din ako sa elevators. Lol. Happy weekend Sean! :)

daniel said...

Cute siya ha in fairness! Pak na pak!

Spiral Prince said...

Is this how you met your asawa, kuya sean?

Désolé Boy said...

Ilang beses ko na inimagine na nagaganap sa 'ken yan.
Ayun hanggang imagine lang ;p

lonewolf said...

I think you wont mind if ever the elevator gets stuck hahahahha

Anonymous said...

oo nga kuya super experienced ka

린코 said...

you already. how i wish people would do that to me too. LOL :)

Sean said...

@carrie: mahilig ka rin pala sa chinito.

@viktor saudad: hmmm... ma-try nga hehe.

@the geek: hahaha! lavet!

@nimmy: ang landi no? hehe.

@nox: tatlo lang yan. either malandi ako. matanda na. or all of the above hahaha!

@nyabach0i: kahit di ko siya kilala hahanapin ko siya para sa iyo haha!

@zaizai: thanks zai!

@louie: thanks louie. happy weekend din!

@daniel: haha di siya yung nasa pic pero ka-level din.

@spiral prince: dati kong asawa. matagal na, sp. pero we're still very good friends.

@desole boy: hahaha! tambay ng elevator pero uminom muna ng bonamine pare hindi mahilo.

@lonewolf: hahaha oo nga papa lonewolf. tama!

@kyle: lol. malandi kasi. dati...

@nikki: try to make the first move hehe.

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