Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crimson Wings

I lay face down. Unmoving. My eyelids fluttered. Trying yet failing to shield my eyes, as they gradually turned glassy. My mouth twitched. The caked spittle around it cracked. The corners somewhat curled up on the verge of a smile. As I slowly bled out on the canvas.

It soaked up the spilled color, more vibrant as I faded. Quickly filling the blank space in strong, angry brush strokes. From where I lay, I stared at the Rorschach as it bloomed. It seemed random. Devoid of meaning. As senseless as this scene.

The crimson crept and unfurled into wings that sprung from behind me. I felt light. Free. Then there was a light knocking. The sound of wood on wood pulled me back. It tiptoed around and stopped before me. Heels. Polished patina. Ruby. I remember we got them on sale.

Then I wet myself.

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the geek said...

i may not get 'entirely' what this post is all about, but the mere mention of different shades of red makes me like this post.


rudeboy said...

Labels: backstabbing bitch, friendship, loss


the island guy said...

I admit that this post is beyond my comprehension... it could me metaphoric for something that I am being totally clueless about.


What I do know however is that you have a talent with words. You turn, bend, and twist them into poetic magic :)

Sean said...

@everyone: oops. just found out that a long-time female bestie of mine has been backstabbing me for quite a while. and that some secrets I only shared with her have even jumped continents. got carried away with how I felt and wrote with no regard for who might read this. sorry!

@geek: hahaha haba ng hair ni red ha!

@rudeboy: hi rudie. haha i belatedly realized that only I would probably understand this.

@the island guy: aww, thanks justy! yeah I hadn't realized I failed to put this in context haha!

egG. said...

d ko nagets... buti n lng me comment.. di pala maganda ginawa nung bestie mo... well.. me mga ganun talagang tao..... hmmmm..

well masasabi ko lang.. galing mo mag english... buti pa u.. heheheh :D ako pang grade one lang kaya kong english :D

rudeboy said...

@ Sean : So, did you put the labels after the first comment?

Anyway - you gonna stab the treacherous heifer with a pair of spiked pumps like Jennifer jason Leigh in Single White Female? Coz that'd be, like, you know, really cinematic.

Sean said...

@egg: ay trying hard lang po ako. thanks eg.

@rudeboy: those were present when I hit the publish button. i like your idea hahahaha! that will be sooo dramatic. if I'm going to prison anyways, might as well go out in style.

Spiral Prince said...

I think I understood it, more or less. Thank you, comment conversations, I'd never have connected the entire thing with the last two sentences if not for you.

And Kuya Sean, bring out the red stiletto's - blade and shoes. hahaha

Kiks said...

the anger is so blinding... i am at a loss for words.

the bitch's blood should spill. (sorry too gruesome.)

Jj Rodriguez said...

I am very lucky to have 3 of the wonderful people in life as bestfriends. But the rest of them so called good friends along the way of finding the best in life have done same thing to me. But I don't regret it. My life has been an open book to everyone except for the deep and dark secrets (hahaha, as if true!). It is for sure them who reverted what they did. I am a kind of person who can give my life to a love one or a friend.

Just be careful of what you are telling people. As they say, no secrets is kept a secret forever.


the green breaker said...

I realized that I was hearing someone read a manual. For what? Hmm. How To Tear A Sheet Of Leather. I realized, the animal is long dead, but we shamelessly pattern it to intricate designs, some too minute to be named detail.

But why, on earth, would we care if the leather feels? Animals are made to be slaughtered, anyway. :)

If the animal is a Gossip Girl who wears Prada. WHY NOT?

*Ahaha. ang weird lang nung naisip ko. baka magalit sa akin ang PETA neto. lol


-=K=- said...

I had to read and re-read to understand what this was about. And then the comments made it all clear. I don't believe in the saying "Pag binato ka ng bato, batuhin mo ng tinapay". So If I were you, I'd think of a way to get back at that backstabbing bitch! Hehehehe. Mean no? Sorry, cant help it. :)

Leo said...

it's too abstract. and your acumen sean, it's beyond human.

idol talaga kita! :)

JC said...

di ko rin maintindihan lols. super advanced level na ito.

at pati na rin ibang words sa comments section like heifer, and acumen. hahaha!

*im so googling them now*

bien said...

shet nagka-mens din ang ilong ko.

kala ko pa naman self mutilation lolz well atleast i got the mutilation part right, figuratively atleast

lonewolf said...

ako din clueless now i know. gano mo na katagal na friend yan?

Anonymous said...

hindi ko nagets din. hehehe

pero kung tungkol ito sa backstabbing, medjo makakarelate ako! LOL

Sean said...

@spiral prince: lol! yeah and as rudie pointed out, the shoes can double as blades as well haha!

@kiks: yeah, and we're not talking about her monthly period.

@jj rodriguez: you're lucky and so are they for having a friend like you. yeah, found that out the hard way. thanks jj.

@the green breaker: i like the reference to gossip girl in prada hahaha! katayin na nga.

@k: oo nga! i need to get back at that bb haha! thanks k.

@leo: oo nga. nung grade school lagi akong pinagsasabihan ng teacher na i tend to lose my audience with my writing which was not good. inaatake na naman ng weirdness hehe. aww, thanks leo!

@jc: oo nga dami nag-nosebleed dito haha. nahawa tuloy ang mga commenters :)

@bien: lol! sorry naman hahaha!

@lonewolf: naku mga 16 years na rin papa milch. nagkakilala kami nung 2 years old ako hehehe.

@mr. chan: oo backstabbing and i'm sure nakakarelate ka haha!

daniel the jagged little egg said...

Deep hehe... nag nosebleed ako : )

^travis said...

ang lupet lang! images, words - slaves to you, Sean!

mabuti na lang may explanation sa comment section kung hindi pag-uusapan din ang post mo sa Senado. ahahaha.

Sean said...

@daniel the jagged little egg: haha ang daming ngang nag-nose bleed d!

@^travis: aww, thanks trav. hahaha oo nga buti na lang maagang nagpaliwanag.

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