Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Signs

"How will I know if he's, you know, cheating on me...." she asked, her voice trailing off to a whisper.

"You'll notice," I told her, as I pushed a slice of lemon into the bottle before taking a swig. "You know, the small stuff. Things you typically dismiss."

"Like what?" she prodded, as she gripped her own bottle tightly with both hands. There was a moment's pause as I tried to recall things I have long forgotten.

"His scent. I mean, he'll smell differently. In the morning he's his usual unscented-bar-of-soap self, then comes back reeking of lilac or lavender. You'd probably think he showered in the gym, but..."

She cut me off. "And once you ask him about it, the next time he comes home, he'll head straight for the shower and drown that invisible bouquet," she added knowingly.

I decided to fan the flames. "And if he starts bringing clothes in the shower so he's fully clothed coming in and out, he's definitely hiding something."

"A kiss mark!" she exclaimed wide-eyed, her head bobbing vigorously.

It was a full minute before she said another word. "But you know what? Shouldn't he start turning cold already? That has not happened, though..."

It was my turn to cut her off. "I guess that's true. But some can become even more affectionate and work harder to please you. Out of guilt perhaps? I don't know."

"Or out of pure evil, so that you won't know what hit you," she lamented.

Just then her partner barges through the front door, gives us a quick greeting, drops a bag of Godiva chocolates on her lap, and rushes into the bathroom. My friend bit her lip and eyed the gift suspiciously. "It's the signs," she mouthed, as she looked at me helplessly. I inched closer to comfort her.

Then there was an explosion of sounds, barely muffled by the bathroom door, then quickly followed by the apologetic sound of flush water. I lit one of the small jars on the table, and the soothing scent of jasmine began dispersing calmness across the room.

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the green breaker said...

"explosion of sounds"
- is it what I'm thinking?

ZaiZai said...

when there's reason to doubt, then there's likely something going on. but I hope it isn't the case for your friend Sean..being cheated on is just horrible :(

rudeboy said...

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean you're wrong.

Mac Callister said...

dapat mahuli muna!chos

Spiral Prince said...

Now Playing: I Saw the Sign by Ace of Base

egG. said...

patay!!!!!! nakipag ano si asawa mo????

ay... pero di pa pala sigurado... hehehe....

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

i can clearly relate to this... but i dont want to concentrate on that. kainis na ang mag isip. di ako ang nawalan... for sure may drating pang iba! sana... LOL!


citybuoy said...

What a dangerous situation to be in! haha I wouldn't have known what to say!

Sometimes, the easiest way is the right way. lol

Blakrabit said...

I thought women have natural talents in sniffing out those signs. Or did she just want confirmations? In any case, you both need to find hard evidence.

Kiks said...

you were not that one smelling lilac in the room, eh? hihihihi.

lonewolf said...

Dapat tingnan niya din cellphone ng bf niya para mahuli. Kasi kadalasan nahuhuli ang mga taksil sa cellphone.

wow si wonbin ang nasa pictures kasama si kyoko fukada from FRIENDS hehehehe

Nimmy said...

most of the time tama ang woman's instinct ading. hihi :)

Stressful naman ng situation na yan!

Anonymous said...

grabe awesome dude. even if it is true or not... basta ang galing...

jelai said...

hehe..let's just not jump to conclusions muna..and let's not also try to act innocent. :)

Sean said...

@ the green breaker: hmmm. i guess?

@zaizai: she's been suspecting for a while. and yes, it is horrible.

@rudeboy: true. in another life, i was very much in denial.

@mac callister: ang mahuli puto titi.

@spiral prince: lol! were you already born when the song came out sp?

@egg: ay asawa ng friend ko eg. :)

@jj roa rodriguez: sorry to hear that jj. don't worry marami out there lol!

@citybuoy: hahaha i agree. but i couldn't keep my mouth shut, which is so bad of me. adding fuel to the fire.

@blakrabit: she has been suspecting for a while. i guess she just needed validation. in the end, in spite of all the signs, i think it will still come to her as a surprise.

@kiks: lol! this time hindi ako ang malanding lilac na yan hahaha!

@lonewolf: oo nga! sige ma-suggest nga yan. ultimate crush ko si wonbin kahit na tumanda na siya papa milch. ikaw talaga ang encyclopedia ng asian entertainment.

@nimmy: honga ading. ka-stress drilon!

@kikomaxxx: hi batman. musta na?

@jelai: hahaha oo nga. actually in denial pa kaming dalawa sa possibility na niloloko siya.

Anonymous said...

ito chong ok na ok.. hahaha

jelai said...

hehehe kala ko po kayo ung malanding lilac..eheheheh.. mas maganda sana ung story!!!parang the fierce wife lang..hehe. :)

ayzprincess said...

galeng galeng! clap clap!!

sarap gawin short film :)

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