Sunday, September 18, 2011


The last time we were in Manila, I dragged my husband to the usual places. I had this mesmerized look on my face and blurted exclamations of wonder the whole time. I didn't even notice, until he said that for someone who grew up in Manila, I was acting too much like a tourist.

I was about to say that it has changed significantly from the last time we visited, which I then remembered was barely a month prior. Fine. I hailed a cab to Greenbelt. Maybe lunch would lift his mood. As we were combing through the line of restos, I kept on snapping our pics among the greenery.

"See? There you go again," he said.

Of all places, we ended up in Max's. Again. He ordered sinigang, crispy pata and extra rice. After the meal, we headed to Levi's, where he meticulously picked only the Philippine-made jeans. We then crossed to Landmark where he hoarded bottles of calamansi, Close Up, Rexona, and Tide.

As I now file the neglected photos from that trip, I find myself browsing through our pictures from years ago. We have aged since then, but that wasn't what caught my attention. The once distinct-looking boys (one Chinese, the other Pinoy) on the screen now look so much alike.

I smiled at one of the photos. Somewhere in between Landmark and Glorietta, the tourist and his local companion stood patiently in line for a cab. As to which one was which, now I couldn't really tell.

photo from here


rudeboy said...

They say long-term couples start to look like each other after a while.

Maybe I should've hooked up with Gerald Anderson instead

Spiral Prince said...

There's this saying about couples, yeah. Dare I ask, though, what's the bottles of calamansi for, kuya sean?

Blakrabit said...

Yeah. Couples do look like each other after some time. Same diet. Same activities. Same environment. You smile together. You laugh together. You cry together. You get stressed together. It's actually a good indication of a happy relationship. Grabe. Kakainggit kayo! :D

Mugen said...

Iba talaga pag kasama mo yung asawa mo palagi. It reminds me of my gym mates. Magpartner rin. Nakakatuwa sila pag magkasamang nagbubuhat.

lonewolf said...

sweet niyo naman. anyway di ba kayo nahohomesick sa pinas?

Leo said...

your musings always have this touch in my heart.

jelai said...

hehe yeah.. i agree with rudeboy. if couples will look the same in the long run, then I should change my perspective and hook up with erich gonzales or melissa ricks.. :)

shenanigans said...

aaaawww... *speechles*

Sean said...

@rudie: i guess that's true. haha! then gerald would look like you and be even hotter ;-)

@spiral prince: hi sp! he drinks calamansi everyday. he just loves it. we always bring so much over to the point that we have to pay for excess baggage.

@blakrabit: that makes sense. now he's more pinoy than me, and people think i'm chinese or east asian even back home. thanks blak :-)

@mugen: oo, iba nga. don't worry mugs, malapit nang umuwi si baabaa. bilis na lang yan! :)

@lonewolf: haha! ako naho-homesick. taga-dito siya so walang pinagbago for him.

@leo: thank you leo :)

@jelai: haha naku marami na kayong nag-confirm so totoo nga. naku di na ata ako updated sa mga starlets. kung boys sila baka yung iba kilala ko pa hehe :)

@shenanigans: :)

Ryan said...

I agree with rudeboy: "They say long-term couples start to look like each other after a while."

Stay happy. :)

Sean said...

@ryan: thanks ryan! :)

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