Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hubby and I went to Hollister to do some shopping. For me, the shop was a feast for the senses. It was nicely decorated, the lighting was muted, the music suited my taste, everything smelled nice, and gorgeous guys greeted everyone with "Hey, what's up?" It looked like an upscale sauna minus, well, the sauna. And the sex.

My partner complained the whole time. It's too dark. You can't see the clothes and how they look on you. It's too crowded. He's very much a guy when it comes to shopping. His points were valid but I was already too excited to listen. I pointed out several bear types that i suspected were gay couples, and that convinced him to stay a while longer.

I quickly grabbed whatever I could and headed to the fitting rooms. I was delighted that I was a medium size again for the first time in years, and in the insufficient lighting, I thought i looked no different to the modelesque sales men. I rang up quite a hefty bill but was pleased with my purchases.

As hubby was too busy ogling at the cute couples, he didn't get a chance to see the clothes on me in the fitting room. In any case, they don't allow pairs in the same cubicle, hmmm... When we got home, I excitedly tried each item and paraded in front of him.

Under normal lighting, i didn't look as hot as the Hollister employees. I should have listened when Hubby told me more than just a few times that clothes should fit me and not the other way around. I pouted in disappointment and started fidgeting with the tight sleeves and torso.

My better half knew how much i was looking forward to buying the shirts, so he remarked how the cut and color hid my girth while emphasizing my arms and chest. His encouragement brought me back to the tasteful decor, muted lighting, hip music, and fragrant environment. With a slight nod of my head and the thickest American accent I could muster, I gave it a go.

"Hey, what's up?"

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

9 Degrees

Gumapang papalapit ang taglamig nang di ko namamalayan. At bigla na lang hinubad ng ngayon ang init ng kahapon. Kasabay ng pagbagsak ng nahilang kumot sa sahig ang pag-alsa ng aking balahibo, sa pagpigil nito sa pagsingaw ng taglay kong init. Hanggang sa magsimula akong manginig, mangatal.

Nagsumiksik ako sa lugar na kaniyang nilisan. At nilasap ang init ng anino na kaniyang iniwan. Nang pati ang natirang ligamgam ay naglaho, napilitan na akong bumangon. Tinawid ko ang dilim ng aming sala, tahimik na inawitan ang sarili nang masupil ang kumakalat na kaba.

Inabutan ko siyang pinagmamasdan sa ang aming pictures sa computer. Mahigpit na akap mula sa likod kasabay ng maiksing "sorry", at magkasama na kaming bumalik sa kama. Ibinalot ko ang kumot sa aming dalawa nang napakahigpit. At mahimbing kaming nakatulog kasabay ng paglaho ng lamig.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yuletide Bubble

"I can't believe it's December already," a colleague of mine in the US mentioned in one of our online meetings. "I can't wait for Christmas."

That was the first time it hit me. Well, you don't really feel the Christmas spirit here in China. They have started putting up Christmas decor in the malls in recent years, but it is not yet ingrained in the local culture. The 25th is not even a public holiday.

I was thinking of flying with my partner to Manila. But I'm newly employed and not entitled to any leaves yet. And typical of OFWs, with the ridiculous fares, I'd rather send the money back home. Don't I just sound perfect for Coke's OFW ad that's gone viral?

So i guess I'll be stuck here, working my ass off, as everyone elsewhere celebrate with yuletide cheer.

Quite a number of friends from Manila are in town though for a short trip. Having had their fill of Chinese fare the past days, we opted to go for Spanish. We feasted on paella, callos, cochinillo, flan, and the latest news on Piolo, KC, Mo and Rhian in between swigs of San Miguel.

A Filipino band came on stage and started playing Christmas carols. In the midst of friends, noche buena fare and the festive mood, I felt that Christmas has finally arrived in China.

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