Monday, June 13, 2011


Your love
Is a wet towel pressed hard against my face
As I struggle to breathe in and out
My lungs imploding

Your embrace
Bundles me firmly with velvet, tying me down
Your hands tighten around my throat
My voice silenced to whispering

Your heart
Beats in sync with your fists against my soul
As red, black and blue stain my expression
Shame drowns out all feeling

Your passion
Engulfs me with coldness that washes away
The urgency, that build up to ecstasy
And leaves me hanging

I asked why it is so hard to love me
Gently, tenderly, as you did all your lovers
Your eyes read of wonder and pain
Mirroring mine

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^travis said...

I have always felt awed in the presence of people who write poetry. Kahanga-hanga.

Prose is hard enough for me as it is. I'm afraid I can't even compose nor write a poem even if my life depended on it. I'm such a moron.

I do sense some pain in what you wrote.

Mac Callister said...

ang lalim!di ko maarok!haha

Ryan said...

We learn to love the pain,
For in pain we feel love---
and loved, in the strangest ways
Painful and yet pleasurable
That kind of love which cuts deep inside our chest
Thirsting for beating apart from its own heartbeats.

Kiks said...

hopefully this is not from experience...

i like the mirroring part though, i must say.

Mr. G said...

Ahhh...allegory! I hope you are okay...hugs!

Juan der Last said...

*Hugs* Sean. Good vibes!

orally said...

ohhh carino-brutal (the other kind that is)

*had a sudden feeling of asphyxia*

the green breaker said...

kaloka. pero kung ganyan din naman ka-hot, okay lang masakal at kung anu anu pah. wahaha :D

egG. said...

nowsblid lang.... kaloka!!!!

=JoShY= said...

akala ko song ni rihanna at britney spears. :) pero pareho din naman ng tema. karinyo brutal. hehe :P

Anonymous said...

internal bleeding ang resulta! LOL

Nice piece u have here Sean! :D

Anonymous said...

kasi naman kasi... kahit masakit at galos at pasa na pinapadura pa.. hehehe

citybuoy said...

haha I see someone's been exploring the fine line between pleasure and pain. :p

Sean said...

@^travis: aww, thanks trav. nag-aattempt lang.

@mac callister: hahaha!

@ryan: wow! that is so beautiful!

@kiks: hi sis. are you still in manila?

@mr. g: thanks mr. g

@juan der last: thanks juan.

@orally: hahaha!

@the green breaker: oo nga wahahaha!

@eg: hahaha!

@=joshy=: actually i was playing the song din while writing this haha!

@mr. chan: lol! thanks mr. chan.

@kikomaxxx: haha! lamog na ba?

@citybuoy: hahaha! hi nyl!

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