Monday, May 30, 2011

Giraffes and Unicorns

There is something comforting in waking up to candy-colored surroundings, giraffe and unicorn patterns on the wall, and rows of toys lined up on the shelves. Borrowed from one who still dreams of rainbows and fairies, this has been my cozy little haven for the past week. But today, I can't really say I woke up to such cheer. I actually haven't slept.

My parents drilled into us, their children, the importance of family. Under their tutelage, we have been there for each other. And in this critical time, everyone has come forth for our incapacitated parents' needs to the full extent of our respective financial and physical capacities. Save for one.

He came prepared for the discussion. Spreadsheets, charts, the works. I felt I was in a boardroom. Funny how the one with the most resources would fight tooth and nail to part with the least amount. The others tried to reason with him, but he wouldn't listen. I stood up when his cash flow projections came out.

"Nakakahiya ito. Ako na magbabayad ng hati niya," I said before retreating to the giraffes and the unicorns.

It's now early morning, still dark out, and I'm wide awake. I switched off the lights, and the lamp post outside cast shadows across the room. I buried myself under a mound of plushies and waited for the tiny green stars in the ceiling to glow. But none of these could comfort me. I miss Mom and Dad dearly.

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Juan der Last said...

*Hugs* Sean. This is very sad. I can't say anything to justify this sibling's "justification." Nakakahiya nga.

orally said...

nakakahiya, nakakainis.

big hug sean.

imsonotconio said...


Kiks said...

u remember, they are the unhappiest.

Seth said...


sorry for your loss

Viktor Saudad said...

i've seen the video from where that photo was taken from...
kala ko kung tungkol san tong entry, but after reading it, gets ko na.

I'm sure your parents are proud of you. What you did, was the right thing to do. kesa pa nga naman makipag-areglo sa kapatid mong iyon,mabuting wag na lang siya tumulong kung sukat lang naman ung ibibigay nya.

Mabuti kang anak, dahil sa mabubuti mong magulang. Para sa kin, sila ang mga glow in the dark stickers sa gabi ko.

~Carrie~ said...


Darc Diarist said...

this is one of my biggest fears. if and when this happens to me, it will be my biggest disappointment. you be well!

Anonymous said...

part of growing up :).. ito o malaking cyber hug.. hehehe

rudeboy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your current familial woes, Sean. It's interesting - and sometimes maddening - to see how our siblings turn out once the cares of adulthood have a grip on them.

Which is why, I guess, we seek solace in the simple joys of childlike things. Like toys and glowing star-lit bedrooms.

daniel said...

sorry to hear that. Godbless : )

Keatondrunk said...

sana maayos bawat gusot..

Sean said...

@juan der last: thanks juan :) yeah, kahit paaano ko bali-baliktarin, i can't understand where he is coming from.

@orally: sobrang nakakainis. thanks bien and enjoy bangkok!

@imnotsoconio: thank conio.

@kiks: thank you kiks.

@seth: thanks seth.

@viktor saudad: hahaha ok ba yung video? thanks for the affirmation viktor. yeah ganun din sila sa akin.

@carrie: thanks carrie.

@darc diarist: i never thought it would come to this. thanks darc.

@kikomaxxx: salamat sa cyber hug batman.

@rudeboy: thanks rudie. funny how we can end up so different even if we have the same upbringing no? and yes, i always seek solace in childlike thinks. gusto ko magsumbong sa parents namin pero i guess that's more childish hahaha.

@daniel: salamat sis. musta checkup natin?

@keatondrunk: sana nga. salamat kd!

Viktor Saudad said...

the video? you haven't seen it? well, i find it ridiculous. hehe

Sean said...

@viktor saudad: hahaha. yeah i haven't seen it. judging from the photo, i wouldn't be surprised.

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