Wednesday, May 18, 2011

They Like It Doggy

I don't get it. More of my hetero friends have gotten hitched but don't want to have children. Well, this I understand, particularly if you're the type who doesn't want parental responsibilities. But then most of them have adopted dogs. And not just one, but an entire pack. Fine, I'm exaggerating, I meant two or three.

Don't get me wrong. I love dogs. But not to the point where you dress them up in cutesy little outfits. Or hire a nanny. Set up a 24/7 nanny cam. Import stuff for their dietary requirements. Grooming bills more extravagant than mine. Vet visits as frequent as post-natal care. And dominate conversations with Lassie's antics.

Uhm, why not just have children in the first place? Maybe if you eat enough balot while you're pregnant, they'll come out equally as balbon don't you think? I'm a dog lover, but for that kind of effort, I'll consider having children. But I don't have pekpek. Minsan nga lang, may maaamoy kang slight na malansa.

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egG. said...

e di paopera ka palagay ka ng pekpek koya sean... para magkababy ka.. yung madami.. para happy family kayo ng asawa mo... chozzz!!!!!! joke lang...


hmmmm.... baka nagiging operation straight ka na kuya ha.. lam mo na.. gusto mo na magkaanak...heheheh.... kesa sa magkaroon ng aso.. hihihihihi...

pero ako i hate dogs.. kahit me aso kame.. i hate dogs pa rin.. wala lang.. sa tahol pa lang eh manginginig ka na sa takot... wala lang share lang

sensya na sa aking walang kwentang comment bow!!!!!!

Juan der Last said...

I think kasi, malaking responsibility talaga ang magpalaki ng anak. Di ko rin sila masisisi. At baka naman ang mga aso ay practice lang. Kaso, nasobrahan naman sila. Just my two cents.

rudeboy said...

My dogs are my children, I am wont to say, so I kinda understand where your het friends might be coming from.

True, the costs of dog upkeep can be formidable, and I sometimes bitch (no pun intended) about why I invest so much money in creatures that won't even fetch the morning paper, let alone go to college, get a high-paying job, and support me in my old age.

I guess the answer lies in my answer to your question:

"Uhm, why not just have children in the first place?"

Answer: Because unlike dogs, you cannot just whack children over the head with a dos por dos or shove them into a sack and leave them by the railroad tracks when you get sick and tired of them.

At least, not without a prison sentence.

emmanuelmateo said...

my best suggestion, mag ampon kayo hehe.. Dogs are impt kasi sa lyf ng pipol.
how are you kuya sean?

Anonymous said...

ako gusto ko din magkaanak...hehehe

Kiks said...

soon enough, earth shant be planet of the apes anymore. it will be literally a dog-eat-man world.

Louie said...

My friend told me that it's a step para daw ma-prepare ung sarili nila para magka-anak, which I don't really get. You can't whip your baby when it poops or wees di ba?! Hehe.

Anonymous said...

natawa naman ako sa "I dont have pek-pek" hehehe

i have a pet dog named Kakashi :) shi tzu sha at naiwan sa Pinas. Napakasayang magkaron ng dog pero cguro ako hanggang 2 lang :)

I also love kids, lalo na ung cute. yung baby na mataba Sean din pangalan nia.

Sure, pipicturan kita ng nakahubad :D no problem un! LOL

orally said...


OT: si johnny hazard yung nasa pic di ba? fuuuuuck nalilibugan ako sa kanya.

Mac Callister said...

i like dogs and i like to have children soon too...

teka, baka mga ayaw nila na masira figure nila hahaa

lonewolf said...

marami ako kilalang couples na ilang taon na married pero ayaw magkaanak

kasi siguro mahal ang mabuntis, ospital, yaya, tuition etc.

ako i also love my dogs and treat them as my babies joke

Mugen said...

I guess the reason for them to choose dogs is because when they get tired of them, they'd just sell them or give them away to friends.

We can't do that with kids.

Anonymous said...

hahaha hayaan mo nalang sila... may tupak kasi.. hehehe

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

sabi nga nila, kanya-kanyang trip lang yan..


Sean said...

@egg: naku di pwede kasi pag may pp na ko, baka lalo kaming di maging happy :P actually gusto ko ng dog. di ka pala mahilig sa aso!

@juan der last: thanks juan. oo nga mahirap magpalaki ng anak and ensure that they turn out right.

@rudeboy: lol! you crack me up rudie. what kind of dogs do you have? i've been trying to convince my partner to get us a lab. until we get a bigger place he won't.

@emmanuelmateo: hi emman. ok naman. musta na? takot akong magpalaki ng bata. baka tulad kong suwail hehe.

@kyle: sabi nga ni aiza, pagdating ng panahon.

@kiks: and bitches will rule the earth.

@louie: haha oo nga! yaiks! patay kang bata ka. literally.

@mr. chan: aww... my friends' dogs are shih tzus too. 2 lang? uy practicing responsible pethood ka ha. cute talaga ang mga sean no? ready na ko for my close up. nagpagupit na ako ng...

@orally: rudie's so funny no? si johnny hazzard nga yan haha! for me din hot siya.

@mac callister: hahaha oo nga no? baka nga yun yung rason!

@lonewolf: oo nga mahal magpalaki ng anak. minsan pa suwail tulad ko hehe. aww... mahilig ka pala sa bitch papa milch :)

@mugen: haha oo nga! master kinilig naman ako sa entry mo about you and baabaa :)

@kikomaxxx: may tupak? malamang yun din ang sabi nila sa akin hehe.

@ceiboh: oo nga. to each his own no?

ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

the psychological analysis is what is generally projected onto dogs and family pets? its our emotions and impulses, our animal impulses. so, in that way, its disturbing if we are dressing them up and hiring nanny's, its the apex of neurosis.

P said...

hmmm, i still believe it as a lame excuse for not having enough courage to make babies.

at the end of the day. when people say "we're ready to have a baby" they end up either broke, suffering from a broken heart, or has a broken bone. its not easy and there's no such a thing as a checklist to figure out if you're ready for a baby or not.

hmmm, so when you come to think of it. having a baby is some kind of a jump to the unknown. you just need courage to do it.

wahhh. not a fun idea.


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