Sunday, May 22, 2011


Our group felt out of place. Half of the guys sported Bieber's do while most girls were Hannah Montana wannabes. Great. We were at least a decade older than everyone. Good thing there was a smattering of parents to help us blend in the crowd.

I didn't know Maroon 5 appealed to Tweens. I thought "This Love" was my generation's, but the pre-pubescents knew the lyrics better than I did. No fair. Didn't they just have Bieber over to quench their angst and wipe out their allowance? I sipped my beer and sneered at a kid's soda.

Levine's performances gradually took me back to when the "Songs About Jane" album was released a decade ago. I screamed the lyrics back at Adam and tried to keep up with some kid's awesome moves. And as the crowd chanted and swayed to the familiar songs in unison, I realized I didn't feel out of place anymore.

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Viktor Saudad said...

sigh...missing their concert for the 2nd time.

the green breaker said...

buti ka pa. you already (ikaw na!)

soltero said...

Adam is so sssexxxyy..
my fave song of theirs is still Harder To Breathe :)

Kiks said...

andito din sya. ewan ko lang if the hongkee tweens know them too. pretty sure they bought the tickets simply because it was expensive.

and yes, i envy adam's gf's hand.

daniel said...

Wow buti pa u, napanood na sila : )
Whos's in the pic? Naghahalikan? hehe : )

Anonymous said...

hahah kaya nga maroon 5 song list ko this month... hehehe

Sean said...

@everyone: sorry for the late responses. hirap ng walang sariling computer and internet.

@viktor saudad: awww. sana may next time pa.

@the green breaker: haha nailibre lang dahil ako'y bisita. sa dulung dulo pa.

@soltero: papa solts, amishu and your blog :'( and yes he was soooo sexy. may baon kaming largabista kaya nakita ko pa rin hehe. that was the first song they performed!

@kiks: ay diyan ako nanuod habang stopover. nailibre lang dahil bisita ako. ako rin gusto ko siyang kamayin. este kamayan.

@daniel: sis, si adam levine and si john mayer hehe.

@kikomaxxx: very timely ha hehehe. napansin ko rin sa sm at mga music stores sa manila.

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