Sunday, April 24, 2011

Too Long, Too Late

Two years. That's how long the preparations took. Weekly indoctrinations by dedicated volunteers, regular readings, self-discovery, the list goes on. Two years can be a burden for some. As expected, a number from his batch dropped out.

Those left standing were deemed true to their intentions. And last night, all, including my life partner, were reborn of water and the Word. It is inspiring to see them heed His call and embrace the faith. I was simply born into it.

The narcissistic in me wanted to take the credit, insinuating my partner was influenced by the virtues and values that I demonstrated in our relationship. But I, an example of selfishness and pride, knew better.

I watched him quietly. Eyes closed, deep in prayer, awash with emotion, thankful. I had a fleeting recognition of myself from a distant past. I smiled sadly. I can't remember the last time I truly experienced Him. It's been too long, and maybe too late.

With the sign of the cross, my mid-aged husband opened his eyes and beamed at me. I smiled. It is never too late. Perhaps I too can still be reborn in my faith.

Happy Easter to all.

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Desperate Houseboy said...

Happy Easter papa sean :)

Mac Callister said...

happy easter din,saan kayo nag spend ng weekend?hope u had a great time

Louie said...

Nice one. Nainspire na naman ako. =)

Happy Easter Sean.

hard2getxxx said...

happy easter sean

Mugen said...

It's never too late to discover Him. After all, it takes a lifetime to discover and appreciate our Creator

Happy Easter!

Spiral Prince said...

Happy Easter, kuya Sean!

Midnight Orgasm said...

We all deserve the privilege of knowing Him. Happy Resurrection!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Sean!

may you and your husband have a great journey with the Lord :)

egG. said...


salamat po... :)

Anonymous said...

it's never too late sean. but you know that, of course...

Sean said...

@desperate houseboy: thank you dh. hope you had a solemn easter.

@mac callister: thanks mac. easy weekend lang. hope you enjoyed yours.

@louie: thanks louie :) hope you had a blessed easter.

@hard2getxxx: thanks papa milch. sana you had a good one.

@mugen: that's beautiful mugen, thanks. i hope you had a good easter as well.

@spiral prince: thanks sp. i hope you had a solemn one.

@midnight orgasm: thanks m.o. i hope you had a blessed sunday.

@mr. chan: i hope you had a good one mr. chan. thank you :)

@egg: hi there eg. pareho tayo and sana happy din ang easter mo kahapon. thanks as well.

@rising mark: thank you rising mark. :)

ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

one can make a direct relationship to the god that doesn't require faith it its followers or its followers institutions.

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