Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why Did You Choose Me?

We were lying in bed, reading quietly. We probably looked like one of those boring old couples in a family-oriented film.Very un-hot.

"Why did you choose me?" my husband asked out of the blue.

"Ha? Whatever do you mean?" I answered, not really comprehending the context of the question. And yes, I hate that I can't get rid of that annoying 'Ha?' whenever I get surprised with a pop quiz.

"Well I'm not really the usual type you go for, and yet here we are."

Usual type? He must be referring to the likes of Won Bin, Takeshi Kaneshiro and other celebrities that I swoon over. But who doesn't, right?

"Besides, I'm not the affectionate type that clingy people like you look for," he continued as he chuckled. Clingy? He just had to slip that in.

"You could have chosen someone else. One who probably deserves you better," he finished.

I didn't know where he was headed with this. I wanted to say he's got it the other way around, but I'm usually not good at picking the right things to say. And he may think he is not a Won Bin, when for me, Won Bin could never be who he is to me.

I kept quiet and thought about what he just said. Do we really choose the ones we love? We may screen those we let into our lives, but do we have the same liberty with who we let into our hearts?

I took his hand, and my head found its usual spot on the crook of his shoulder. And beyond the silence, with my head and heart cradled where they have always fit perfectly, he understood everything that I wanted to say.

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citybuoy said...

That last paragraph cut right through. I, too often find my words to be disarming. It's these little moments that define us. Cheers to you and your love! :)

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

being loved and in love can never be defined. as to who we love and who loves us can never be questioned. we always have our "wish to be bf/gf" but we always fall into someone out of that and no definition...

yeah! cheers to you and your love! :-)


ZaiZai said...

akala ko pag naiiihi na lang ako kinikilig, pati pala pag basa ko ng mga ganito mong post sean :)

btw I have a huge crush on won bin too! :)

egG. said...

ang sweet naman...

di ba si won bin eh si ANDREW. yung sa endless love.... hihihihi.. gwapo nga siya yuummyyylicious.. lolz :D hahah :P

Leo said...

Ako kras ko si Wu Chun. :)

Masarap mag-usap kapag tingin, sulyap, haplos at akap lang ang gagawin mo.

I can stay all day long in bed, staring at each other, in a cold room, holding hands, cuddling like you just don't wanna let go...

Anonymous said...

so bakit nga? hahaha ako na slow.. hahaha

Mr. Hush Hush said...

for somebody good with words when written, i'm a bit shocked why you became speechless.. but actions do speak better when expressed. Nice one, Sean! ^_^

Mr. Hush Hush said...
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Anonymous said...

kinikilig ako, hehehehe


Spiral Prince said...

*cue a violin and piano duet*

Love just happens, no? :)

Mac Callister said...


naglalambing lang siya for sure, ganyan din ako, haha wanna hear some cute answers why me instead of others ek ek na ganyan :-0

ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

very sweet

-=K=- said...

How sweeetttt... Hay! So nice to read things like this on a Monday morning! Makes me look forward to a week filled with stars and rainbows and lollipops!

lonewolf said...

nilalangam kayo sa sweetness and your lucky to have each other

ang puso di namimili ng mamahalin

Blakrabit said...

Facta non verba.

I wish you guys more happiness and love! (:

c - e - i - b - o - h said...


un-hot moments turned into romantic moments,,


Victor Saudad said...

"We were lying in bed, reading quietly. We probably looked like one of those boring old couples in a family-oriented film.Very un-hot."

true, yet that's all we where we want to be. Home.

Anonymous said...

♫ you put your arms around me and im home ♫

-arms, christina perri


daniel the jagged little egg said...

sweet ...nakakaingit naman hehe : )

Kiks said...

the bitch in me just got out, walked towards the door and opened it, went out and slammed it shut. TSE!

Sean said...

@citybuoy: yeah, i'm not really good at expressing what i feel clearly or in the most appropriate manner. Good things he knows me well enough to read me. Thanks nyl!

@jj roa rodriguez: i agree with you jj. if i put all my exes side by side, the biggest commonality that they have is basically me. thanks jj!

@zaizai: ay hahaha! ang guwapo naman kasi ni won bin di ba? medyo nagiging mature na siya ngayon, pero love ko pa rin siya. hahaha!

@egg: thanks eg. baka siya, kaso di ako nakakapanood nun dito. baka iba yung Chinese name na ibinigay sa kaniya sa Chinese version dito haha!

@leo: hahaha! i had to google him and may hawig siya kay nimmy ha. kaya mo siguro siya natipuhan hehe. hay totoo yan. i have to wake up earlier than my partner and ayoko talaga siyang iwan sa umaga.

@kikomaxxx: hahaha! ikaw talaga.

@mr. hush hush: my husband is better at expressing things, even if English is not his second or even third language. thanks mr. hh!

@tr aurelius: hahaha! musta na?

@spiral prince: yes it just does. how are you sp?

@mac callister: oo nga! and buti naman kasi usually ako lang ang naglalambing. sa tuod. haha!

@line of flight: thanks!

@k: aww thanks k. sorry late ang comment ko - tapos na ang week ngayon lang kita masasabihan na have a good week. weekend na lang.

@lonewolf: aww thanks papa milch. totoo yan, pero ang puso mo napaka-choosy ata! jk!

@blakrabit: latin. i find it so macho. haha! thanks blak!

@ceiboh: romantic pero mukha pa rin kaming hindi hot hahaha! thanks kiko.

@victor saudad: aww, nicely put victor. have a good weekend!

@geek: i have to look that song up! enjoy your weekend geek.

@daniel: thanks daniel haha!

@kiks: hahaha! how are you na kiks?

shenanigans said...

aaaaww! nakakaiyak!

hooong sweet! napangiti ako

Gaspard said...

this is really sweet. Cheers to love!

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