Monday, December 27, 2010

Nang Inipit Si Jose

What exactly is Rizal Day? All I know is that it is a public holiday between Christmas and the new year. I'm not one to complain about any excuse to not have to work, but who actually celebrates it? I don't see throngs of people buying gifts or noche buena fare in the malls for this auspicious day. Also, there has been nothing on TV of people losing precious digits for lighting firecrackers in his honor. I am equally sure that nobody received any "Merry Christmas and a happy Rizal day and a prosperous new year" greeting over the holidays. He may be our national hero, but how can one compete with Christmas or the new year?

While I don't understand its meaning, I personally like this holiday. The chaos brought about by the Christmas festivities has died down, and it provides a welcome respite just before the new year celebrations start picking up. It is the time when opened Christmas presents are most cherished and new year resolutions are drafted. The traffic is generally not as bad, and spending takes a very brief breather. There is also more time for myself. Whatever it is one does on this day, I don't think it is about good old Jose.

I feel for the guy though, for the importance of this man and his day seem lost on us. It's now more of an ipit holiday between Christmas and the new year. Nevertheless, he is still the face of the peso, the most important driver of the two major holidays that his day brings together.

For everyone that's taking a breather, have a good and hopefully quiet Rizal Day!

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Mu[g]en said...

Well this is a fresh insight to a holiday most of us have forgotten its relevance.

hard2getxxx said...

I have to agree at isama na din ang bonifacio day.

dapat bigyan sila ng importance lalo na si rizal kasi pinaglaban niya ang pinas laban sa kastila eh.

and rizal is rich and since rich siya pwede naman siya magmigrate sa other countries like most filipinos na walang malasakit sa kapwa pinoy or sa kanilang bansa.

my-so-called-Quest said...

poor jose. it's true, people forget since as you said it it's sandwiched between 2 important holidays. but we have rizal as a subject in college and noli and el fili in highschool ahehehe. it maybe not enough but the government and education system's working hard for us to remember.

gappy holidays sir sean :D

Sean said...

@ mugen : enjoy the lull before things go crazy again.

@ hard : hope you had a good Christmas. enjoy the holidays!

@ doc ced : happy holidays to you too!

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