Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Ever After

A friend got engaged, and she hosted an informal party to celebrate with her friends. As she is based overseas, none of us really knew her fiance. Naturally, the first thing that people asked was how they met. Her audience gushed as the fairy tale was told, and everyone wished her a happy ever after.

Then the question that I have been bracing for came. The bride-to-be turned to me and asked, "Sean, when is your turn gonna come?" It was her defining moment, the first time in years that she was not in the hot seat for the question. For dramatic effect, she even placed her carat-laden hand on her chest. She should have just slipped her ring on a raised middle finger and shoved it in my face.

I have never had my own cheesy fairy tale. Never been charmed by a prince who would promise me the moon and the stars before we rode off into the sunset together. In my youth I always put the cart before the horse. I found "love" in the most unconventional places, and made love before there was love. At times before the first kiss.

We would lie there naked and spent, and only then start to get to know each other. There are no pretenses, no social hurdles to overcome, one just fights the urge to sleep. There cannot be a more raw and honest moment, and with the right person, we may just be able to connect.

I wanted to tell Bridezilla that there is someone in my life and inspire everyone with my own story. But they will never understand, even from the first question (and answer) of how we met. So I just shrugged, smiled and said, "In it's own time." But I am truly happy for my friend, for I know the joy she is feeling. I may not have had a fairy tale, but I am already living my happy ever after.

photo credit: qwickstep.com


Nimmy said...

si bridezilla naman oh... pressure at stress much sya ha. tsk tsk tsk. hihi

kapag ako tinanong nun ang aking magiging sagot ay... "kapag keri na gay marriage ditrax." hahaha

orally said...

ako naman smile lang with matching dialogue na "di na siguro"

O di ba, kung lahat tayo ay kagaya ni nimmy malamang may world peace.

Sean said...

@ nimmy : hahaha! gusto ko yang sagot mo! at pag nangyari yun, sigurado kabog siya sa gown ko. haha!

@ orally : very classy. agree sa nimmy = world peace!

my-so-called-Quest said...

nice sean. hayaan mo na lang si bride :D apir!

Sean said...

@ doc ced : apir!

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