Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pounds of Flesh

Hay... I look 5 months pregnant.

The holidays have not even started and I already gained close to 6 pounds. Aba, normal na bigat ng sanggol na yun ah!

I should start hitting the gym, pero sobrang nakakatamad if you go alone. Hirap naman makibagay sa schedule ng iba because of my unpredictable hours. Besides, I like weight training but completely hate doing cardio. Nakakahingal! (but yun nga yung point di ba?) I'd rather hit the steam room para pawisan haha!

Maybe I should jump on the running/marathon bandwagon. Baka naman I'll end up buying all the gear to look good in the coordinated sando, shorts, headband and wristband and end up strolling the airconditioned malls to load up on pasta and ice cream. Baka 5 months on the way with twins na itsura ko nyan!

Ano kaya magandang solusyon? Eto kaya?

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