Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday Blues

Mondays really take their toll on me.

I always wake up minutes earlier, anticipating the alarm but very much dreading the drone of weekday life. I lay silent in the dark, watching the second hand slowly pull the morning in as it sweeps across the clock's face. Tick, tick, tick... My entire being braces itself not for an explosion, but in knowing the absence of even a spark in the days to come.

The alarm goes off, and I extricate myself from my bed. I attend to the call of nature, take a quick shower, and put on a shirt and tie. Breakfast is quick, and the drive to the office uneventful. I trudge through the rest of the day's routine, feeling my spirit gradually dim with the light outside.

I have lost my senses, which to me are essential in experiencing life. In the past, I would be awakened by the deafening sound of the alarm and would linger in bed to savor the warmth trapped under the covers. Getting up, my skin would then be assaulted by pinpricks as I turn the airconditioning off. Numbers 1 and 2 felt as cleansing as the warm fragrant bath that followed. The smell and taste of buttered toast were heavenly, and dressing up was preceded by a difficult selection process. The view of the drive to the office would not be limited to the backside of the vehicle in front of me, and the rest of the day would be as much with friends as it was with colleagues.

XXX ### - that's the plate number of the car in front of me. As nameless as the thousands of commuters heading home at this hour. The car turned right into a McDonald's drive-through station, and under the bright yellow arches, I caught a glimpse of the male driver smiling at the kids who were ecstatic in the back seat.

I stepped on the gas to close the gap in front of me. A reddish light appeared on my dashboard.

I am empty...

photo credit: Deeraj Gupta


rudeboy said...

Ah, that old "cog in the machine" feeling.

I've always hated Sundays because they heralded the coming of Mondays. What can I say, Sean? Maybe you're just tired. And you were sick over the weekend.

There comes a time when we run on fumes. Then we run on empty. Maybe you need a pitstop.

Mu[g]en said...

Sometimes, you just have to put up with so much distractions to be able to cross the entire length of one week.

There were times I don't even know where the missing hours went.

orally said...

ahh the Monday blues.
funny i'm drinking heineken right now. i believe they launched a campaign months ago called "know what's good" encouraging everyone to take a fresh look at Mondays.
pasensya na manginginom lang (medyo heavy ang entry kasi)

glentot said...

Funny that we spend almost our whole lives going to school, taking in knowledge, preparing ourselves for what? A life time of monotony. It doesn't sound so bad... maybe you just need a distraction... or a really big change.

Sean said...

@ rudeboy : yeah, also hated Sundays for the same reason. It hasn't been a good week - I do need a break.

@ Mugen : that's right - I'm worried that the hours are wasted on things that are insignificant.

@ orally : haha. I googled the Heineken campaign. is it working in singapore? cheers!

@ glentot : i couldn't agree more. hayst! maybe i'm getting old at nagmimid-life crisis na ako. crossroads.

Thanks for empathizing with me, guys!

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