Saturday, April 28, 2012

One of Those Days

I left my desk and couldn't get out of the building quickly enough. I pushed the revolving doors with all my strength and walked determinedly away from the building.

I quickened my stride, a desperate attempt at escaping the shadow of the towering structure beneath my feet. I counted my steps until I reached where our floor would be. I looked back. A hundred and forty four paces from my office window to the pavement.

I ignored the traffic lights, at times halting almost too late for a passing bus. I stopped walking when I reached a nearby park and sat on a bench. I watched someone's dog circle around the post it was tethered to, the shortening leash straining its collar.

It grew dark and the heavy rain started to pour. I only stood up after I was drenched and cold. A pair of black wingtips splashed dirty water with each step. I tripped on myself and fell into a puddle.

I started to drown.

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Mac Callister said...

hmm,....mukhang may pinagdadaanan na naman si sean a...hope everything's alright :-)

Lone wolf Milch said...

i have to agree with mac

sana malagpasan mo kung ano man yan sean

god bless

RoNRoNTuRoN said...

hongdameng symbolismo! :D

Travel Writer said...

Burn. Burn like a phoenix. Its fire will bring warmth, will evaporate the water... And after burning you will rise again, as good as new.

Sean said...

@mac : hi mac. thanks for the concern :)

@lone wolf milch: hello papa milch. maraming salamat din :)

@ronronturon: lol! oo nga hehe.

@travel writer: hi trav. thank you and i do hope so...

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