Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hunky Cebuanos

The first thing that I noticed about Cebu was its handsome guys. There were just so many of them around! In the resort, inside the mall, on the street, in church.

Most of us have a particular preference, and the men that I find attractive belong to a narrow profile. But here, I've been swooning over such a wide variety - moreno, chinito, and mestizo men of all ages and sizes (er, I mean body types).

And I find the women very attractive as well. Now that's a real stretch from the usual type that I fall for. 

Seated for dinner, I found the waiter who came to take our order somewhat too pale for my taste. But I still found him gorgeous. Then the reason why I found so many Cebuanos so attractive finally came to me.

As the handsome waiter took our order, I wanted to see if I could get away pretending I was local.

I smiled.


Seth said...

marami nga talagang gwapo dun lalo na mestisuhin! :) ang layo ng hitsura nila sa mga guys sa manila, lalo na sa makati!

♔ıǝɹɯɐı♔ said...

Taking the first trip to Cebu. Haha. JK

citybuoy said...

Baka naman kasi you got so used to the Chinese boys in your city! lolz

Lone wolf Milch said...

behave baka magselos naman ang asawa mo sa yo

Jenny said...

I super duper agree talaga na maraming gwapo na Cebuanos. :D Hay naku lalo na ang mga waiters sa mga sosyaling restaurant, hotels or bars. Goodness, gwapo overload. hahaha

Sean said...

@ seth: sobra, nagkalat sila everywhere!

@ iamrei: lol! go na!

@ citybuoy: oo nga. tuloy everyone here looks special :)

@ lone wolf milch: hi papa milch :) naku wala atang jealous bone yun, frustrating nga minsan hehe.

@ jenny: yeah! nahihiya nga akong picturan sila pero kunwari turista talaga lol!

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