Sunday, April 8, 2012


First day of our vacay is not off to a good start. The bags under my eyes were bigger than our luggage, and we packed heavy.

So I had my sunglasses on the whole time and hubby was not too happy about it. Well it was a cloudy day, and we had thick jackets on inside the Chinese airport.

So I tried to channel a bit of Ghost Protocol with a touch of Matrix into my facial expressions to make the best of the situation.

With the Lenten season, he said that I should be more concerned of things within. Something clicked and I said that he was right. Gosh! I forgot to cut my toenails, took my right shoe off, and said I'd start snipping away right there and then.

As I saw the exasperation start to cross his face, I punched his right arm and said I was kidding. I showed him the bookmarked pages on my phone's browser. All the Churches we would visit and Easter mass schedules for each one of them.

As hubby sstarted to calm down, they broadcasted our boarding arrangements. Before we lined up with rest of the passengers, we said a short prayer for a safe flight and to give thanks and praise for this day.


Mac Callister said...

hope you two had a blast this weekend :-)

red the mod said...

Happy Easter to you and your hubby!

Sean said...

@mac: thanks a lot mac! :)

@red: hi red. Thank you and happy Easter to you and Geek! :)

Anonymous said...

hi sean! :)

red and geek? what gave you that idea? :D

i can tell you though that geek's [g] is not red. and i can tell you that [g]'s blogname also has three letters.

just an inside scoop. :D

Sean said...

hi anon! :)

oh no! i may have misread red's and geek's previous posts. just goes to show i'm not so good with chismis, oops! apologies to both red and geek.

lesson learned so I won't guess who [g] is. can't work on clues anon, need names :) thanks for taking time to read about my boring life. :)

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