Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sisid (Dive)

It started with a single drop that fell into the placid sea in front of me. The ripples came quickly and hit my mask. For someone who can't swim and is struggling to keep afloat in his BC (buoyancy compensator / life vest), they seemed like waves of apocalyptic proportions. Then it started to rain.

Heaven reflected in the azure waters vanished. Countless beads assaulted its surface. Each one blossomed into ever-growing concentric circles, then overlapped into an array of illogical Venn diagrams. It was chaos. Sensing my growing panic, my diving buddy flashed a hand signal, but I was too busy fighting for my life to notice.

He shoved the regulator into my mouth and pulled our weight underwater. He held my face close to his and waited for me to relax. Guided by his gentle nodding, my breathing slowed, and I stopped struggling. I looked around and finally understood. Under the broken glass surface, everything was quiet. Peaceful. Beautiful.

photo from here


the island guy said...

Beautifully written : )
You really excel at these

^travis said...

wow! Venn diagrams - hot! lol.

Anonymous said...

love this! :)

Jj Rodriguez said...

Beautiful writing!


the green breaker said...

what is a regulator? haha sorry.

Kiks said...

i had a different interpretation... :-)

Yj said...

Beautiful indeed.

your words
the images


now i have to get back to reading a good two months worth of your posts.

you have no idea how much i missed hanging around your home here, kuya. :))

Spiral Prince said...

omg, kuya sean! double meanings! nice nice. :)

Ms. Chuniverse said...

wish i could write something as beautiful as this...

then, i can say na i'm a complete woman na.



Anonymous said...

wow, ayokong sabihin ang interpretation ko baka malayo kasi sa nais mong ipahayag!

nosebleed lang ako. :D

Anonymous said...

iba din interpretation ko... hehehehe.. alam mo na.. hahaha

Sean said...

@the island guy: thank you tig :)

@^travis: the nerd in me haha! remembered your geometry post :)

@jay rulez: thanks jay :)

@jj rodriguez: aww, thanks jj!

@the green breaker: it's what divers use to breathe air from oxygen tanks. it's the part that's placed in the mouth. and it's not shaped like a phallus haha!

@kiks: haha sana bastos...

@yj: aww, thanks yj! you and your stories have been missed as well!

@the spiral prince: thanks spiral!

@ms. chuniverse: to me, you are a complete woman na hahaha!

@mr. chan: bigyan kita ng pasador mr. chan. with or without wings? :)

@kikomaxxx: hahaha oo nga!

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