Monday, July 2, 2012


I've been dying to get away from everything that I hate about China. If only I could settle somewhere else, but there's too many complications at this time. And after a brief trip overseas, I was dreading to face the same things I left behind.

Traffic from the airport was terrible. The driver swerved and took the airport service through a narrow street that was lined with Ginkgo trees from one end to the other. I asked the driver to stop the car.

I opened the window and waited a few seconds before a slight breeze finally came. One by one, the trees exploded into a million jade butterflies, fluttering wildly but never leaving the shelter of the branches.

They're not ready, I told myself. It may be too early, but soon enough, emerald would turn into gold. The cool wind would sweep them away, and they would finally take flight.

The wind came, a bit stronger this time, and again the leaves shook and struggled to be free. Soon, i whispered, before closing the window and heading for home.

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