Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ice / Eyes

I used to wonder how my mom and dad could sit at the dining table without speaking. Not that they were giving each other the cold treatment. They were just... quiet.

I thought that perhaps, after years of being together, people just ran out of things to say. That maybe boredom silently creeps into all relationships. Until you find yourselves at opposite ends, with more than just the dining table keeping you apart.

And yet here we are, hubby and I. Seated at the back of the bus. Plugged into the same music with shared earphones, speaking volumes in our silence.

random photo from google


hard.ass.kisser said...

wala kong masabe.
aray nalang.
super kagat mga hantik sa paanan ko.

Sean said...

@hard: lol! thanks sa pagbasa kahit corny ang mga sinusulat ko.

Anonymous said...

Baklang bakla ang Alden

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