Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dim Sum

Hubby woke up to one of his "sungit" days today. He wanted to stay home and simmer, but I managed to convince him to have brunch outside to clear his foul mood.

I wanted to take him to his favorite dim sum place, then browse around the sports shop beside it. He has a crush on one of the sales staff, though he firmly insists that the guy is straight.

As we were leaving, hubby took a swipe at what I was wearing. He read in a Chinese forum that PLUs here typically wore A&F, Hollister, and Fred Perry and said that my shirt was a dead giveaway.

We boarded the train, and a group of young men in A&F tees kept on trying to catch my attention. Hubby mouthed "I told you so," as we changed cars when they started taking photos with us in the background.

As hubby and I walked the rest of the way to the restaurant, a number of passing male strangers smiled at me. Belaboring his point, hubby mumbled one brand after the other, referring to their shirts.

After the meal, hubby was back to his usual self. He was embarrassed to go into the sports shop, but I took a quick peek as we passed its front door. His crush was wearing Nike and looked ruggedly masculine.

Upon seeing us pass by, the guy rushed to the door, stood outside, and smiled at us from afar. I took a jab at hubby and told him to add Nike to his list.


SweetIsh said...

they have their own gaydar system! its so cute when both of you have a guessing game whether who is straight or not... good thing your hubby was able to have his good mood back! :)

jaara28 said...

perfect couple!

Mac Callister said...

hahaha! crush din siya ni nike guy!

hard.ass.kisser said...

how i wish magkasama din kami...
i envy you sean. :D

Sean said...

@sweetish: iba nga dito or baka sira lang gaydar namin.

@jaara28: awww. shucks :)

@mac: lol!

@hard: hi hard - followed you nga pala.

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