Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Big Happy

I knew that it stood on shaky ground. That its foundations have wasted away from the inside. And without our Mom and Dad, my siblings and I didn't really know how to keep everything together. Yet I had faith that it would continue to weather the seasons.

So I was surprised when everything came crashing down this morning. As much as I tried, it was hopeless to save it from collapsing. And after the dust settled, I was horrified to see everything splayed out on the ground, like a cardboard box unfolded.

My brother and sister stood in the middle of all the rubble. One was holding a hammer. The other one a chisel.

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JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Oh i can understand that... Been through a lot after a very good provided father died. But we were lucky to have a good mother to guide as through. Hugs my friend!


Little Nikki said...

awe... this post feels so relevant for me... hay. HUGS!

rudeboy said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, Sean.

As someone who is currently witnessing a collapse of a different kind, I can somehow feel your pain.

Amid the rubble, we can only hope for something better till the dust settles.

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