Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hello There

"Hello there," this guy said as he smiled. I couldn't place him, but I nodded to acknowledge his greeting. I finished my business, zipped up, washed my hands and went back to the office.

After lunch, I brought along my kit to freshen up. As I was brushing my teeth in front of the sink, he came bursting through the door. I brush thoroughly and which typically takes an eternity. But when I left, he was still in front of the urinals. Waiting.

I drink a lot of warm water in the office to keep myself warm. And each time I needed to relieve myself, the same guy always came in a few seconds behind me. Every. Single. Time.

I needed to speak to one of the team heads in the department just a few steps across ours. After our brief discussion, she introduced me to a member of her team. "Hello there," the guy said as he smiled.

A tingly feeling washed over me, and I started shaking involuntarily.

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1 comment:

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Oh my! You're in trouble... Hehehe... Have fun! Hello there!...


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