Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Game of Thrones

I've been nursing a bad case of diarrhea for a week. It's funny how the anus can so easily hijack one's body and flaunt its dominance over all other organs, including the brain. You can't think. You can't function. You suddenly have only one purpose in life, and that is to purge.

It probably trumps the heart as well. And one's dick. Between falling for prince charming, effing a hot guy, or doing number 2, which do you think takes precedence? When you got to go, you got to go. It is more primal than love and sex. You give in, you let go, you let it all out. TMI?

Between trips to the loo, I just stayed in bed, awash with self pity. I let myself wallow in the drama. And after the negativity was spent, I felt better and wrote this down on a piece of toilet paper: if things gets shitty and out of control, just take a seat and let it run its course.

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Mugen said...

How I wish the final advice is easy to follow. Get well soon, Sean.

^travis said...

On the first point, I can so relate. I once spent Christmas week in the hospital due to severe gastroenteritis. There was nothing merry about that holiday season.

Let's wish ourselves goodluck with the second point.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

I'm on a bad shape myself. It's always been easy said than done.

But I made the first move. I let the negativity out of me.

Get well soon!


ZaiZai said...

it will be horrible if you do a number 2 while doing the nasty with prince charming no? so unahin dapat ang number 2 :)

hope you're much better sean! drink lots of water para di madehydrate :)

-=K=- said...

Zaizai's comment cracked me up. Your post is super true. When nature calls, everything else will have to take the backseat. But I think I can make an exemption if I'm getting it on with Hugh Jackman.

SweetIsh said...

one of the most DYAHE na sakit...haha!! hope youre fine na..get well soon! :)

lonewolf said...

Totoo ba yan or its just a metaphor hehehehe. Anyways kung totoo get well soon

emmanuelmateo said...

magpagaling ka kuya!

Kiks said...

lols, i will definitely let it run its course.

as for you, s, this may be a good time to read (check post title). sometimes, it calms the nerves and the imagery of a kingdom full of warriors, blacksmiths and knights take your mind away from a castle of tiles and toilet ducks.

bien said...

Bahala na c batman

Anonymous said...

chong get well soon... kinaya ko nga yan.. hahaha.. ikaw pa... hahahha

the geek said...

shit happens.

literally and figuratively.

the green breaker said...

ang sosyal sosyal ng pagkakainterpret. oral rehydration salts, and water.

Sean said...

@mugen: yeah, easier said than done. thanks mugen!

@^travis: aww, what a way to spend christmas week! hahaha! yeah, good luck to us with that.

@jj roa rodriguez: hey, i hope you're ok. and thanks jj!

@zaizai: haha that's true! unless you're in one of these weird jap porn movies. thanks zai!

@k: yeah it's funny no? oh hugh jackman! so sexy!

@sweetish: talagang dyahe haha! thanks ish!

@lonewolf: totoo! you wanna see? hehe. thanks papa milch.

@emmanuelmateo: uy you're back to blogging! thanks emman.

@kiks: i should definitely check that out! thanks kiks!

@bien: tama!

@kikomaxxx: salamat batman. kasasabi lang ni bien na bahala ka na.

@the geek: lol! true, true.

@the green breaker: haha! salamat sa prescription gb.

Ryan said...

Life is sometimes a shit, so shit on it. Hope you're feeling better now. :)

Sean said...

@ryan: that's true. and thanks ryan! :)

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