Friday, August 5, 2011


Have you ever felt trapped? One day, you're enjoying a perfect morning. The next thing you know, you're lying in a confined space. You can't stand, can't sit up. You can't even turn and lie on your side. All you see is the wooden sheet barely six inches in front of you, and the growing moist spot where your breath has condensed.

You can't turn your head to look around you. But your hands and bare feet can feel the corners and edges of the cramped wooden prison. You can't breathe. You start to panic. You scream for help, as you move around and feel for a way out. All in vain. You get desperate, and the wet spot in front of you catches your attention.

You try furiously to claw your way out with your fingernails. Splinters pierce your skin, and your nails start to chip. Blood starts to flow from your fingers, down to your hands, then arms from all the scraping. But the wood does not yield. And after a while, you realize the futility of it all. And as you hear the muffled pounding outside, nail after nail, you surrender.

"Yes, Auntie," I whispered.

"That's great Sean. As I said, she's a lovely girl. You'll see for yourself on Sunday," she replied, just as I heard the sound of the hammer hit the head of the final nail.

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Mr. Hush Hush said...

i can totally relate Sean..

Leo said...

escape! arranged marriages are so backward. don't you agree?

rudeboy said...

A long, long time ago, I, too, was trapped.

Then I died, turned into a zombie, clawed out of the ground and ate their goddamned brains.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

have been... and i hope not to happen again... love this...


Sean said...

@mr. hush hush: yeah i think a lot of us have been through this, mr. hh.

@leo: it's just a setup at this stage, leo. so i hope she won't like me. if it does come to that, i will definitely run haha! thanks leo.

@rudeboy: good thing you were able to escape. i've only seen the trailer, but zombadings come to mind haha!

@jj roa rodriguez: i don't wish it for anyone. thanks jj!

xallthethird said...

The complications of being "different" from what others perceive as norm.

The only way that I can think of to escape from that situation is the truth, the truth that can box you in i a different manner.

^travis said...

lemme play devil's advocate: just keep an open mind, Sean. hahahaha.

don't hate me for my comment. lols

ZaiZai said...

I hope you get to be free Sean! No one likes being trapped.

bien said...

Dear Sean

Please consider.

itsMePeriod said...

oh my god. pwede mo naman sigurong isagot sa kanila na 'i would like to invoke my right against self incrimination'

Désolé Boy said...

I am trapped, here in this prison cell. I'm trying my best to break free everyday, and that, I think, is my journey. I know someday I'm gonna be free.
On a less serious note though, I think malapit na ko magkaro'n ng ganyang moment dito sa bahay. Pero 'pag nasa probinsiya ko, ganyan lagi ang convo. Awkward.

lonewolf said...

ako nafeel ko lang ang being trapped noong agent ako sa callcenter coz your stucked to your headset 8 hours a day. hehehehe

shotgun/arranged marriage is the worst coz you dont love that person

Kiks said...

Rudeboy is the new LA Zombie?

You be too, Sean. ;-)

Tapos Chungking tayo.

Spiral Prince said...

ESCAPE, Kuya Sean.

Viktor Saudad said...

be sly, be cunning...

one wrong move might sound off the alarms.

iamallan said...

BLIND DATE?!! OMG! its a Nooo!!

* isingit ko lang. ganda po ng layout niyo ngayon. parang ang sarap gayahin. hehe.

Sean said...

@xallthethird: that's true. and yet, so hard. i long for the day when i can just be true to myself and be free no? thanks xall.

@^travis: lol! i love the way you think trav.

@zaizai: thanks zai. i hope so too.

@bien: lol!

@itsmeperiod: haha! magamit nga yang linyang yan. lavet!

@desoleboy: ang ganda naman nun desboy. awkward talaga!

@lonewolf: buti naman nakawala ka na sa dati mong trabaho papa milch. oo nga. wala pa namang divorce dito.

@kiks: i checked out la zombie's trailer in youtube. borta yung zombie ha lol! ako, zombading. chungking? tara hahaha!

@spiral prince: oo nga! hahaha!

@viktor saudad: that's true. nakaka-preysyur!

@iamallan: lol! oo nga eh. thanks sa pag-appreciate sa bagong layout :)

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