Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kulang (Incomplete)

This is not just for those who are single and looking.

If you're searching for that missing piece (not necessarily a person) which you think will finally make you feel whole, you might find these two videos interesting:

The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece Meets The Big O

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JJ Roa Rodriguez said...


Have a blessed Sunday!


Désolé Boy said...

Beautiful. I think I'm familiar with the piano piece used on the first vid, I just couldn't remember.
Thanks for sharing.

Nimmy said...

Awwwwwwwwww! Natunaw naman ako sa simplicity at ganda nito ading. awwwwwwwwwwwwww... :D

Leo said...

Funny how people can extremely learn in this simple animation. :)

@DB - the piano piece is from Yiruma, entitled Love Me. Sorry, I can't help it, I'm a Yiruma fan. :)

xallthethird said...

The never ending search for the missing piece... The first one made me feel sad, the last one made me feel inspired. I can say, swak sa banga both of the videos.

Nice find!

Mac Callister said...

ang ganda naman nito...galing galing nun gumawa :-)

iamallan said...

I already watched that video, my English professor introduced it on our class. While watching the video, I can’t control myself to imagine that I’ am the imperfect circle whom keeps on searching for his missing piece but still, I can’t find the right one. *sadness*

Sean said...

@jj roa rodriguez: have a good week jj!

@desole boy: it is, isn't it? leo has kindly given the title above. i also like yiruma, who was previously recommended by another blogger.

@nimmy: simple't nice di ba ading? :)

@leo: that's true, isn't it? i'm also a fan :)

@xallthethird: i felt the same way about the first and the second videos. thanks xall!

@mac callister: nice di ba? yeah ang galing nga niya.

@iamallan: wow, they teach these din pala. awww, na-sad naman ako dun.

Viktor Saudad said...

I've seen this video...

i'll just come up with an entry for my comment about the video.

^travis said...

me thinks all this crap about finding someone to complete you is nonsense. just imagine gagawin mo yung taong panakip ng whatever butas in you? hahaha

and what if that person leaves? incomplete ka na naman and the vicious cycle goes on and on.

y not complete yourself while waiting for someone who understands you and complements you.

the green breaker said...

I can be someone's and still be my own.

Yes, true.. :)

bien said...

Akala ko the first clip would end with "you complete me" chika lang.

Mas mahirap pa sa abstract reasoning tests infurnace.

Seriously, the clips are beautiful

Mr. G said...


That is why I stopped searching for that piece [of meat] LOL!...

Mr. Hush Hush said...

ganda ganda.. you need not need somebody to be complete. partner should complement your being complete. galing!!

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

as much as i want to watch the vids (vids ba yun?) e hindi ko makagawa,, page cannot be displayed and i dont know why..

ill just check those from other PCs.. huhu

린코 said...

i guess this is why my motto in life is now: "just keep swimming."

apt. :)

Juan der Last said...

I loved these vids, Sean. Many, many, many thanks from the bottom of my heart. :D

Sean said...

@viktor saudad: looking forward to your entry viktor.

@^travis: panakip butas - hmmm. i find this funny as well. what you said is true.

@ the green breaker: yes :)

@bien: haha akala ko rin ganun ang ending. buti may bawi sa second vid.

@mr. g: lol! talagang karne pala ang missing piece hahaha!

@mr. hush hush: nice no?

@ceiboh: naku banned diyan sa office niyo? di pa naman siya bastos haha!

@nikki: haha yes it is.

@juan der last: awww, can't really take credit but you're welcome. thanks for watching.

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