Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Under The Weather

Hubby fell ill in the middle of our trip. We couldn't go to the beach and enjoy the sun. We had to stop gorging on fresh seafood. No more alcohol and club music after dark. Not even just chilling by the roadside watching half-naked hunks pass by.

I was of course furious.

We were stuck in the hotel sleeping our precious holiday time away. Our bodies remained as pale as our butt cheeks. I couldn't possibly enjoy lobster, while hubby subsisted on broth. And the only hunks on view were those on TV.

And yet these were not the reasons why I was seething.

All these years, Hubby was the one who would nurse me back to health. This one time that I could return the favor, I didn't freaking know what to do.


Shenanigans said...

Relationships really are indeed about give and take.. at least bonding moments niyo pa din yan together kahit nasa loob lang kayo ng hotel.. may point is, nagkaron pa din kayo ng time for each other :)

rudeboy said...

I know how you feel, Sean.

Only too well.

bien said...

you can always start by wearing that florence nightingale garb.

i thought it comes naturally to us?

citybuoy said...

Oh dear! Sayang naman ang bakasyon. :(

Maybe you can start by doing the things he did? Lol pero diba with lovers, often yung presence mo lang makes things better? Yikeeeeee :0

Sean said...

@shenanigans: yeah at least we have more bonding moments

@rudeboy: hi rudie. I want to hear all about it.

@bien: lol! I've always thought how it feels to wear white stockings.

@citybuoy: oo nga no? hay kaso now I'm the one who's sick so balik sa dating gawi.

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