Monday, October 15, 2012

Big Hair And False Eyelashes

I scanned the crowd that was gathered outside before hubby and I approached the door. I did the same once we got in and felt relieved that I didn't recognize anyone.

"Why are you so nervous?" hubby teasingly asked.

I rolled my eyes in exasperation. Back in China, he wouldn't even dare come near a gay club. Just because we were not in his home turf, he's suddenly decided to be out and proud.

Yeah, we're of the uptight closeted kind. I know that times have changed. People probably don't care anymore. That perhaps everyone we know already had their suspicions, and we were the only ones in denial.

Maybe it's because we're from a different (older) generation, I don't know.

I picked up a couple of drinks from the bar and politely acknowledged the friendly smiles as I squeezed my way through. The crowd was intoxicated with alcohol, music, and performances from the resident go-go boys and drag queens.

And in the middle of all the sweat and glitter, big hair and false eyelashes, hubby and I embraced our true selves and each other.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, tapos na ang trangkaso ng asawa mo. Enjoy yourselves, guys.

Sean said...

Hey thanks anon!

Shenanigans said...

aaaww.. sweet!

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