Sunday, October 7, 2012

Catch of The Day

The heavy rain kept most of Boracay's tourists indoors. The ones who did brave the downpour flocked to the restaurants. Hubby and I sat by the window gorging on seafood, as our eyes feasted on shirtless orientals passing by.

Three Taiwanese guys arrived at the door with fresh catch from the nearby market. I recognized the telltale signs. Well-maintained physiques, tight Abercrombie tanks and tailored stubble. From outside the restaurant, they also began discreetly checking us out.

I tried to identify the third wheel from the couple. It would have been easier to take him out, but it seemed they were all just friends. I smiled as they came in, and two of them blinked a few times too many. Hubby just rolled his eyes at me and smirked.

They settled into the table across ours, and kept stealing glances at our direction. I smiled and asked what they brought in from the market. One of them said they were out in the water and caught the fish themselves. I said we'd love to catch some as well.

But we paid for the bill, waved at the three guys, and let today's catch go.



rudeboy said...

Happy to see the inclement weather raining on your holiday parade hasn't dampened your spirits one bit, Sean.

Shenanigans said...

wow! kaya mo yoooooooooooooooooon? habang kasama hubby mooooooooooooo? laki din ng tiwala sayo ah..

pero confirmed na talaga. YOU ARE SUCH A TEASE!


karla said...

so,who was the hunter and who was the prey? being the tease can be such a delight. =)

Guyrony said...



Anonymous said...

i read this last night and i read it again this morning. the smile never left me. there is something sexy about the way you say/write 'charot'. hahaha

-the geek

LJ said...

haha. You are such a tease. :D

citybuoy said...

haha maybe you were letting them go so they could swim and be bigger. then when they mature *shucckkkk*

nyabach0i said...

hongondoooo! plangak yan. :)

Sean said...

@rudie: after all, we gotta live not just sit and putter :)

@shenanigans: naku wala lang as kanya yun. slight lang naman...

@karla: haha! maybe we were the prey after all.

@guyrony: lol! :)

@the geek: it was a toss up between charot and chos. charot sounds more sexy haha!

@lj: :)

@citybuoy: haha! nice. sige I'll check up on them tomorrow and see if they've matured enough by then (atat)

@nyabach0i: naku I had to google that word up and learned something new

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