Sunday, January 8, 2012


If I had doubts on the magic of Christmas, they disappeared when i witnessed my nephews and nieces open their Christmas presents. The surprised expressions, the sparkle in their eyes, the squeals of delight.

One of the little ones even became emotional and in between loud sobs, declared that it was the best Christmas day ever.

Then it was my turn. I was handed a beautifully wrapped package with my name from beneath the tree. I felt each side with my fingers, and scratched a corner of an adhesive tape, which I then carefully peeled off.

I unwrapped each package to the sound of oohs and aahs of an audience. A mug, a shirt, a box of pastries - things that I didn't really need. I reminded myself to sprinkle some Christmas magic, even if it was merely drawn from up my sleeve, into my facial expressions.

But I didn't need to put on an act. I was genuinely surprised and grateful for the presents, for the blessings, for my family. I scooped up my nephew, who was still sobbing, and held him in my arms.

"You are right little one. It is the best Christmas day ever."

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rudeboy said...

Ah, there you are, Sean.

Belated Christmas greetings to you and yours, and an advanced Happy Year of the Dragon.

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