Saturday, January 28, 2012


I lit a cigarette. My first in over a year of having quit. I took a puff and inhaled deeply, anticipating the onset of a buzz with just a few more. Having given in to temptation, I wondered if I'd get hooked again.

I was tense. That was my excuse. I looked at the interactive map on my phone. It confirmed that I was at the foot of the correct building. I flipped to the browser and read through what waited a few floors above.

Extremely popular.
Gym-fit Asians.

I've been watching the traffic in and out of the building and confirmed the last two lines. I took another drag at my rediscovered oral fix and felt the prickly sensation on my scalp, signifying the approaching rush.

I quickly stubbed the cigarette, tossed the rest of the pack in the nearest bin, and walked away before I got hooked.

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rudeboy said...

Two addictions with one stone.

citybuoy said...

Isn't life too short to be curbing such pleasures? :p

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