Wednesday, May 30, 2012


As what seems to be the norm these days, I arrived home very late. I apologized to my husband, knowing that he has been waiting hours for us to have dinner together. I slumped into a chair as he re-heated our meal.

I was dead tired. Hubby tried to cheer me up and talked animatedly about his day. I didn't have much of an appetite and ate sparingly. It was warm, and I stripped off my shirt, now several sizes too large for my shrinking frame.

My partner teased me for the noticeable sagging but was taken aback by the bruises on my skin. I went to the mirror and looked at myself. Black and blue in certain places, I looked deathly sick.

Hubby asked me what was wrong, and I told him I had no clue. But deep inside we both knew that life was taking its toll on me. He started to tear up and hugged me.

"Don't you dare leave me," he whispered.

I clung tightly to the only lifeline that I had in this world and thought to myself,

How could I?

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bien said...

Hello Sean,

ang lungkot naman nito

shenanigans said...

oh my!

Yas Jayson said...

Hi Sean,

Cheer up, sunshine.

Rygel said...

been reading your blog for quite a while... These are your true stories right? what illness are you suffering from?

Mr. Blue said...

What happened to you?

ZaiZai said...

hope that all is well, or all will be well Sean! Hugs!

Alex Tan said...

Now that's bitter sweet. I had to scroll down. Good thing those hunky asians were able to lift my spirit.

Alex Tan said...

oh linked you btw.

come check my baby blog

Spiral Prince said...

Take an unplanned vacation, kuya sean. :)

Kane said...

Sean you okay? I honestly got worried. Though I know I am a stranger and you might not appreciate us prying too much into your personal life.

Be well, and i hope you can keep me, us posted.


Anonymous said...

“i can't die yet, doctor. not yet. i have things to do. afterwords i'll have a whole lifetime in which to die.”

― carlos ruiz zafón, the angel's game

let me echo your hubby's words. don't dare leave us.

-the geek

citybuoy said...

Don't go anywhere, Sean. I hope you feel better really soon. :)

Nikka said...

Oh no. I really do hope you are ok. :(

Nikka said...

Oh no. I really do hope you are ok. :(

Nikka said...

Oh no. I really do hope you are ok. :(

Anonymous said...

anybody home? how are you, sean?

-the geek

Sean said...

@bien: hi bien. kumusta na? i love the songs that you posted in your blog! nawala ang lungkot ko.

@shenanigans: yeah, exactly my reaction then.

@yas jason: thanks yas!

@rygel: yes - it seems that i can only write what i can sense or feel.

@mr. blue: doc said somewhat anemic at that time.

@zaizai: hi zai! thanks for the hugs. hugging you back.

@alex tan: hey thanks for visiting and hunks do brighten one's day don't they? following you thanks.

@spiral prince: i should and soon!

@kane: hi kane. nothing serious though i need to eat and treat my body better, thanks!

@the geek: aww shucks, thanks geek :)

@citybuoy: thanks nyl. i'm feeling better now :)

@nikka: thanks nikka! the bruises have disappeared :)

@the geek: hi geek. sorry just logged in today...

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