Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I quickly locked up and rushed to the waiting elevator before it closed. The doors slid shut behind me, and everything went silent. Save for my audible panting, which turned into a drawn out coughing fit once I noticed my gorgeous neighbor in the cabin.

Particles of dust danced under the glare of halogen lights, as Pachelbel's Canon in D played in the background. I stared at our reflection on the polished metal. Both in suits, we looked perfect on top of layers of fondant. I smiled, and he started to blush.

I let out a few more stray coughs before we reached the ground floor. The doors opened, and I braced myself for the loud applause, rain of soft petals, and gentle pelting of grain. He lunged ahead with quick, long strides. I reached for his hand. 

And grasped at nothing. Outside the lobby's glass doors, I saw Romeo gasping for fresh air.


Anonymous said...

oh sean... you are such a flirt... *giggles*

-the geek

Russell said...

Ang awkward ng mga moment na ganyan.

Nyway, ang poetic mo naman magsalita sampung beses ko inulit basahin para maintindihan ko.. choz! Hahaha!

Sean said...

@ the geek: sadly, nobody seems to fall for it haha!

@russell: haha! naku sana yung susunod di na ganun. mga nine times na lang hehe.

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