Thursday, August 9, 2012

Missed Call

She couldn't sleep. Every now and then, she would get up from bed, part the curtains, and peer outside. It was dark, yet she knew something was out there, silently waiting. She was suddenly gripped by fear, and she started to tremble.

She checked on her children, peacefully sleeping, unaware of the imminent danger. She hugged them both, drawing comfort and strength. Even before she heard the rattling downstairs, she knew that the dark figure was already inside. She stifled a whimper.

She dialled my number, but I was unable to answer. Feeling defeated, she placed the phone on the dresser and braced for the inevitable. Her phone buzzed as I called her back. I knew that something was wrong, and I started to panic when she didn't answer.

I left voice and text messages, each one more desperate than the other. I started to blame myself for missing her call. The frustration turned to anger, this time directed at her for not picking up. But I realized she had graver worries than the flooding of her inbox.

To everyone in Manila and other affected areas, be safe.


Hustin said...

hope you're loved ones are okay.

SweetIsh said...

hoping that your family here are safe...

the geek said...

but i haven't received your call, seannie... hahaha kidding. she's a she, after all.

hope you are fine there. :)

Sean said...

@hustin: hey thanks hustin. i hope yours were ok as well.

@sweetish: thanks ish. i hope you and your family were not badly affected as well.

@geek: hi geek! lol! i was worried but family turned out to be ok. thanks and i hope your loved ones were safe.

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